Calories – Just ignore them

My original title to this post was going to be “How to lose Calories – Just ignore them”.

Calories, to someone feeling fragile about their weight, is just one of those words loaded with innuendo and fear. One could spend too much time looking at the rear of packets, adding up their daily consumption, fretting over the additional weight gains as they recall the various elements to their food choices over the day or specific meal.

Why are we slaves to this method of evaluating our in-take of essential vitamins and nutrients? What if there was a more practical way of measuring what our bodies require?

I accept that the food industry labelling system is ok as a straight forward list of ingredients, but when it gets to nitrates, preservatives and some description requiring a Masters Degree in Chemistry – ditch it! Stand away from the processed food please, nothing good to see here! Have an apple, but make sure it’s washed first or the toxins from the insect repellant will also poison your body! That’s if it hasn’t been radiated in some way to prolong the shelf life!!

Well I went off on a slight tangent there! Ooops..

There is no straight forward way of calculating what your body needs to keep functioning, I admit it. But there are formulae to evaluate an approximate body requirement in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. One such formula that I advocate to follow is theĀ

This particular link takes you to a method of calculation that determines your lean body mass after the your fat percentage weight has been determined. Simply speaking, as per last post, I weighed (92Kg) 201 lbs and had a 33.6% BMI. When multiplied together it meant that I had a Lean Body Mass of 133.5 lbs. The next part is how much protein do I need to maintain my muscle, bones and ‘lean’ body. Protein at this point should be explained as the building blocks for your body, reduced or poor quality protein means reduced strength, fitness, well being. Concentrate on the protein, sources we’ll discuss later!

By just ensuring that the protein element was correct, I was setting a goal.

I understood that from this one change, and without over eating, I would be naturally losing weight by sensible eating.

How to calculate your ideal protein in-take.

Well to calculate the grams needed to sustain you, the protein factor, or requirement is 0.5 (sedentary) to around 0.7 (moderately active) or even 0.9 (athletic) per lb. So my 133.5 lbs (lean body mass), represented in short 93g of protein per day.

Now I am starting to think…. but what else… How much fat should I eat, what types? Fruit has natural sugars. Oh No… Chocolate, am I really going to be able to commit to this?

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